Sep 202010
Authors: Sean Bucher

Good art and good food fuse tonight, as the University Art Museum kicks off its monthly art feature Tasteful Tuesday. 

The event “Persistent Geometries” will feature artists’ creations in a full gallery open to the public.

Entry to the exhibit is free and will be held on the first floor of the University Center for the Arts directly east of campus.

Museum Director Linny Frickman will guide guests through discussions of the art and explain techniques and inspirations for the pieces on display.

“What’s interesting is our audiences are extremely diverse, from students to community members and alumni,” Frickman said. “The informal gallery gives people a chance to informally talk about art.”

Previous events for the center have drawn crowds upward of 50 spectators.

Tonight’s event will feature the geometric abstraction and the aesthetics behind geometric art. The exhibit will run from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., featuring artists Larry Bell, Chryssa, Olifur Eliason, Ellsworth Kelly, Matt Mullican and Ed Ruscha.

And while the exhibitions — three total for the fall — are planned two years in advance, curators for each exhibit enjoy the teaching opportunity presented by the galleries.

“I love to teach in the gallery,” Frickman said. “Standing in front of the art versus a projection is much more exciting.”

Student curator Sarah Browning, a senior art history major, believes the program will offer a unique experience for attendees looking to broaden their knowledge of art.

“I’m very excited,” said Browning, who will help run future exhibits at the museum. “It’s a chance for people who aren’t familiar with art to come in and learn more in a comfortable, open atmosphere.”

After the event, El Monte Bar & Grill — located on the southwest corner of College Avenue and Prospect Road –– will host the after party discussions along with discounted food and drinks. 

This is the second year that El Monte has partnered with Tasteful Tuesdays and will continue to be the official after show host throughout the year.

General manager Josh Fay said Frickman approached him because “she wanted artistic food to go along with the artistic experience.”

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