Sep 202010
Authors: Barbara Tourville – senior history major

Although I fully understand the anger that Samuel Lustgarten expressed in his article, that anger is misplaced.
Like all institutions reliant on government funding, CSU functions under a “use it or lose it” policy.  When money is allocated to the building, administration, maintenance, etc. fund, all of that money must be used or it is taken away.  We don’t get it back next year.  If CSU were to not use its full building fund, its removal would make it much more difficult to expand when necessary in the future.  CSU may not need to expand now, but if it doesn’t, it loses the ability to grow in the future. 

Money cannot be reallocated either.  Once it is part of a certain funding stream, it cannot be moved.  That means it cannot be used to pay professors’ salaries, no matter how much you, I or the administration would like it to.

Implying that the administration is wasting funds is misinformed.  They are simply protecting the future ability of the university to meet its needs within the government’s system of funding.  There is not an obsession with frivolous spending, but rather with being able to meet university needs in the future. 

If you wish to see change, express your anger toward the system of funding that our government endorses.  CSU works within the legal bounds that all government funded institutions must follow. Do not disparage our administration for wastefulness without understanding the full implications of the actions they take.

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