Daily Record

Sep 202010
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Sunday arrests:

  • 2:31 a.m.: A 28-year-old male on suspicion of displaying expired temporary tags and driving with a vehicle license suspension.

Other notable items:


  • 1:14 p.m.: Theft at the 700 block of Meridian Avenue.
  • 5:58 p.m.: Theft at the 700 block of Meridian Avenue.
  • 6:14 p.m.: Theft at the 800 block of West Pitkin Street.


  • 12:05 a.m.: Hit and run at the 700 block of South Drive.
  • 11:27 a.m.: Theft at Luke Langholz Pottery, 500 W. Prospect Road.
  • 5:52 p.m.: Theft at Corbett Hall, 801 W. Laurel St.
  • 9:08 p.m.: Theft at the 1700 block of West Plum Street

The Daily Record will be published in the Collegian Tuesday through Friday. It is compiled by the staff of the Collegian from arrest affidavits and a daily incident record provided by the CSU Police Department. The Daily Record is also available online at Collegian.com.

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