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Last week, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report” co-announced rallies on The Mall in Washington D.C. on Oct. 30.

This is disappointing. While some studies indicate up to 20 percent of young voters get their news from these two shows, I always tried to see past their obvious liberal tilt and instead focus on the fact when a Democrat/liberal/progressive said something incredibly stupid they would make sure to draw attention to the idiocy.

I fear these fake-journalism programs are jumping the shark. When you decide to involve yourself in politics rather than reporting on politics, you’ve lost objectivity.

I have no doubt thousands of CSU students watch these two programs and have recognized an appropriate level of vehemence toward FoxNews and MSDNC, err, I mean MSNBC.

Well, the two rallies these two programs are putting together are not likely to focus on “Restoring Sanity,” or, in the case of Colbert, “Keep fear alive.”

Maybe I’m biased having a deep-rooted hatred of both corrupt parties, but these gentlemen both endorsed the current president and have not been anywhere near hard enough on Democrats for the corruption they brought –– which in reality only replaced Republican corruption –– with their message of hope and change.

There is an excellent YouTube video of House Democrats –– all from overwhelmingly liberal districts –– defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the housing crisis set in, but rather than attack a know-nothing unfathomable twit like Rep. Maxine Waters, D- CA, they go after an ignorant know-nothing like Sarah Palin.

I’ve made no secret of what I think of the neo-conservative bunch that ushered in a greatest hits album that reads like something from WWII Russia or even Germany during the reign of the National Socialists.

Nevertheless, if Stewart and Colbert have any interest whatsoever in truly serving the public good they will advocate a removal of the old guard altogether.

You simply cannot remain credible or trustworthy in today’s political environment if you overtly support one group of sociopathic loons over the other.

Liberals and neo-conservatives have been bad for our country. Period.

Last week former President Clinton was on “The Daily Show” and claimed two independent studies showed the stimuli prevented unemployment from getting much worse.

Well Willie, if that’s truly the case, now what? The effects of the stimulus are dead in the water. You spent $111 million in Los Angeles to stimulate the economy, now multiple news agencies are reporting that created a whopping 54 jobs.

What of our great state of Colorado? During a time when every job supposedly was worth fighting for Gov. Ritter, with the help of a Democrat-controlled legislature, ran just about every natural gas and oil company out of the state. That sure seems like leadership to me.

As I have tried to explain to multiple fellow students and specifically fellow columnists in years past, you cannot completely devote yourself to any organization because you lose your credibility and your objectivity.

This goes beyond politics. Blind faith in industries, religions, sports teams, schools and even your local population will lead you down a path of disappointment.

When I read a column from someone who has nothing critical to say about their own ideology, their opinion is rendered completely meaningless. I’m immune –– wink –– since I don’t have an ideology beyond a belief in my fellow man’s penchant for power, corruption and failure.

I caution those of you who see Stewart, Colbert or both as infallible in their commentary. My expectation is these rallies will be heavily anti-Tea Party lunacy and pro-liberal idiocy.

In the meantime, consider any organization you support or of which you are a member. If you can’t find a major issue platform of the organization with which you disagree, talk to your friends and ask them honestly, because my guess is you are three IQ points above a lemming.

If Stewart and Colbert want to do the nation some good, they should consider hosting a rally against D.C. The elected leadership of both parties are placing uncontrolled explosives around our greatness and now there may be no one to stop them.

Seth Stern is a senior journalism major. His column appears on Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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