Sep 182010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Police today issued a warrant for the arrest of 20-year-old Shameek Jamal Bernard Lewis of Aurora in connection with the Sept. 8 shooting outside of Summit Hall.

Lewis allegedly approached 21-year-old Broomfield resident Johnnie Bradley Fresquez
for drugs in the southwest corner of Summit Hall shortly after midnight, according to a CSU Police Department press release.

A bullet grazed Fresquez’s arm during the incident, but he did not seek medical attention. Frasquez drove home before alerting local police several hours later.

The same release confirmed that neither of the men are CSU students or employees.

Bernard fits the description originally given to police at the time of the shooting. He is said to be a 5’7” black man that was wearing a blue flannel striped shirt and a hat with a red brim at the time of the shooting.

Anyone who knows of Bernard’s location or other information on the shooting should call the CSUPD at 970-491-6425.

CSUPD sent out a campus alert shortly after hearing the shooting. Extra safety patrol was implemented and officers addressed housing official’s concerns after the incident. Police investigating the shooting have determined that it was an isolated incident and there was no further danger to campus.

Plans are in motion to install lighting and extra security cameras in the location of the shooting to deter future criminal activity in that area.

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