Stop the confusion

Sep 162010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Last week this newspaper ran an editorial criticizing the CSU Student Recreation Center for its decision to remove weights that weigh more than 85 pounds from the gym after the staff received a student petition.

The editorial and a guest column on the issue caused much furor across campus, causing at least a handful of students to complain to the Rec Center, some to start new gym memberships and even caused the Associated Students of CSU to debate and eventually kill a bill condemning the Rec Center for its action.

In light of the uproar, however, subsequent Collegian reporting found that no petition to remove the weights ever existed and that the Rec Center staff who told Collegian reporters and other students that the weights were removed to avoid supporting a culture of elitism or bodybuilding in response to a petition were misinformed.

But, even after the editorial and column ran, no Rec Center employee or administrator contacted the Collegian to correct the information.

Rec Center administrators claimed that the heavy weights were removed because a student equipment survey found that few students use the weights more than 85 pounds. In the process of trying to reorganize the gym the weights were removed and signs were posted informing students that various pieces of equipment could be moved around or removed in the process.

That explanation may indeed be true, and the Collegian has found no evidence to dispute it to this point. The story still fails to explain the misinformation and confusion created by Rec Center employees who told students that the weights had been removed for incorrect reasons.

If the Rec Center wants to maintain positive relationships with its students and prevent this type of confusion it needs to do a better job communicating with both its students and its employees. No one makes the best decisions all the time, but good communication would go a long way to preventing confusion and misinformation as the gym continues to work through growing pains.

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