Sep 152010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

CSU’s student government killed a resolution “condemning the actions of the CSU Recreation Center” in their weekly meeting Wednesday night.

The resolution proposed the Associate Students of Colorado State University take a stand on the removal of the dumbbells weighing 95 pounds or more due to the petition presented by students who found them to be intimidating.

“I find (the actions of the rec center) absolutely objectionable,” said Senator Ben Weiner, who wrote the resolution after a student came to him expressing his grievances against the Rec Center and asking for student action.

While Weiner vehemently opposed the removal of the dumbbells, others expressed concern for going against the students who wrote the original petition, including ASCSU Vice President Jennifer Babos.

“I personally believe this legislation was born out of hearsay. There wasn’t even a petition,” Babos said. “I urge people to postpone this indefinitely.”

Indefinitely postponing the resolution would essentially kill it and require those in favor of it to write another resolution to bring before the Senate, which is exactly what happened.

The resolution was voted by more than two-thirds of the Senate to be postponed indefinitely. Many members of the student government felt the resolution was petty and not what ASCSU should be focusing on.

“Students don’t think that we do anything,” said Katie Kethcart, a Senator for the college of Liberal Arts. “This is another step in that direction.”

It remains unclear whether or not Senators will write another resolution to bring forward to the Senate regarding the issue, although ASCSU President Cooper Anderson doesn’t wish for there to be.

“Before rushing to judgment, people need to look at the whole situation to find out the truth of the matter,” he said.

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