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Authors: Allison Sylte

UFO’s, government conspiracies, alien abductions and long lost civilizations.

These ideas may sound like something out of a Spielberg film, but for Jeff Peckman and Robert Siblerud, science fiction and reality may not be as different as they seem.

“The proof is there,” Peckman said. “You just have to have an open mind and make your own decisions.”

Peckman, 56, and Siblerud, 66, are both followers of the new science movement, which aims to apply scientific practices to principles that mainstream academia would classify as the paranormal.

Siblerud, a CSU alumnus and Fort Collins resident, is the director of the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, an organization that attempts to research and shed light on alien civilizations. It was co-founded by now deceased CSU professor Dr. Maury Albertson.

“There have been six to seven alien civilizations that have interacted with our planet throughout history,” Siblerud said. “They aren’t that much different than what we are; we share similar DNA. Some people can even communicate with them with their minds.”

According to Peckman and Siblerud, Colorado is a hotspot for UFO activity.

Type in “UFO’s in Fort Collins” on YouTube and scores of videos come up, made by people claiming to have made contact with the otherworldly.

“There are three films coming out next summer dealing with beings not from this world,” Peckman said. “Our field of study is moving into the mainstream and away from obscurity, and it is starting to enter the public consciousness.”

Sibelrud even hosts a yearly support group in Laramie for victims of alien abduction.

“They all share almost the exact same experiences,” Sibelrud said. “These people can’t all be simultaneously perpetuating the same hoax. All of the evidence points to this phenomenon being real.”

Peckman is currently promoting the EXTRA campaign in Denver, a ballot initiative that aims to create transparency in the government concerning all UFO related matters, as well as to form a committee to prepare for any future contact with extraterrestrial beings.

The committee will be funded entirely through private grants, and no taxpayer money will be used.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in things that can make a difference, and the implications of this bill are not merely local,” Peckman said. “Some could even say that they are galactic.”

Jeff Peckman is a man that likes to live on the cutting edge.

His family moved to Denver when he was five, and he has since taught transcendent meditation, created forensic technology to help prison inmates and created new forms of alternative energy.

His efforts for the EXTRA campaign have even landed him on Letterman.  

“Since beginning the campaign in 2008, I’ve given 60-70 interviews to national and international outlets. When I was on Letterman, I was barely nervous at all,” Peckman said.

Peckman’s involvement in the EXTRA campaign started after he met someone who made contact with an extraterrestrial being.

“I may have met an extraterrestrial, but I don’t quite know,” Peckman said. “I’ve met people that seem like us, but you just know that there’s something different about them. It’s hard to explain.”  

Both Peckman and Siblerud hear what naysayers have to say about their movements, but there is little that can be said that deters them or their beliefs.

“People are brainwashed to think what the mainstream and the government trains us to think,” Peckman said. “But if you look at all the evidence out there, you can’t help but realize that this is the truth, and that alien beings are out there.”

“There is little difference between spirituality and my new science philosophy,” Siblerud said. “The spiritual world follows spiritual laws.”

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Questions for consideration

1. “How would you vote on Initiative 300 if you were a registered Denver voter?” Yes___ No__

*2. * “If a delegation of extraterrestrial visitors wanted to visit CSU, would you want to be part of the delegation to greet them and show them around campus?”   Yes___ No ___

3. “What do you think are the top three CSU features to show to an extraterrestrial delegation?”

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