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Sep 142010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Too often, students are surprised when they find out that higher education is in a bind of dwindling state resources twisted, inevitably, with tuition hikes.

Walking across campus, it is not uncommon to hear concerned chatter from passersby as they read story after story in the paper about legislative measures that could literally devastate funding to that same system, college and university programs closing nationwide as a result of sweeping budget cuts and changes occurring right here at CSU.

That ignorance, that surprise, CSU, is ridiculous. Instead, take a vested interest in your university.

And while there is certainly merit in pouring through future budget drafts and Financial Accountability Reports on President Tony Frank’s own Web page, the Office of
the President at, there’s a more time-efficient method.

As it happens, there is no better way to get an overview of what’s up at CSU than by attending Frank’s Fall Address today at 11:30 a.m. on the university’s historic Oval.

Though the specific points of Frank’s speech were somewhat ethereal Tuesday evening, he will speak to the state of higher education and its impact on CSU, the state of the university budget and tease to the future of Ram Nation.

As an incentive, there is entertainment –– thank you Colorado salsa band Fleur de Cana, Association for Student Activity Programming, El Centro and Multicultural
Greek Council –– as part of the kickoff for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Food, too, is part of the experience. Following the address, people from across CSU will gather and celebrate the Ram experience at the University Picnic.

So put aside your confusion and ignorance, CSU. Come out to the President’s Fall Address, get knowed up and then eat and dance.

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