ASCSU: Back ranked voting

Sep 132010

What would our world be like if voting for Ralph Nader wasn’t just throwing away a vote? Fort Collins Ranked Voting is working to gain support and signatures to make the city use a ranked voting system. With this system voters rank the candidates on the ballot instead of only choosing one.

For instance, if in 2008 you voted for Nader but your second pick would have been for Barack Obama, putting Obama as your second choice would eliminate John McCain. This system, although not as simple as Fort Collins’ current system, is a more modern system that promotes multiple candidates.

Last year’s Associated Students of CSU Senate was among the groups that backed a ranked voting system. This year, however, the Senate has not yet decided to endorse the system. In order to help the effectiveness of this campaign for ranked voting, our current Senate needs to follow the suit of the previous year.

Fort Collins community members notice the views of ASCSU. By voicing its approval of the new voting system, ASCSU can aid in making Fort Collins a ranked voting system.

Should Fort Collins Ranked Voting get 2,500 signatures in 60 days, the initiative will reach the April ballot in 2011. ASCSU needs to quickly back the ranked voting initiative in order to help persuade community members to add their names to the list.

The ASCSU Senate last year saw that our city needed to change its voting system in order to make our elections fair. They saw that ranked voting promotes more candidates on ballots because they are not afraid to split votes. They saw that it helps decrease the use of negative campaigning.

Our current ASCSU Senate needs to see the benefits that last year’s saw. They need to use the influence that they can have on our community and help the success of this initiative.

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