Sep 092010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

All you iron pumpers out there, save yourselves a trip to the Student Recreation Center front desk to ask where the really heavy dumb bells are, because they’re gone.

No, the weights that weigh more than 85 pounds didn’t get lost. Nobody melted them down or used them for scrap metal. And, no, they’re not being used to make a giant dumb bell sculpture.

Nope, instead a group of students wrote and signed a petition saying that people using heavy weights were intimidating and created an atmosphere of elitism. Then, in a move of infinite wisdom and fairness (yes, that’s sarcasm), the Rec Center removed the weights and put them in storage.

When the Collegian called the Rec Center to confirm, the gym said it doesn’t want to support a culture of bodybuilding, which might be funny if it were a joke.

Apparently working hard enough to use the big-boy weights is now a no no at CSU.

While they’re at it, the Rec Center should go ahead and put a limit on the number of pull-ups a person can do so big back muscles don’t intimidate anyone. Oh, and those hard rock climbing routes –– those need to go too so no one feels left out.

Think you can run for three hours on a treadmill? Too bad, walking speed only should be the rule to make sure lazy drunks like us Collegianites feel comfortable.

One way or the other, because of the Rec Center staff’s asinine decision, all of you out there who’ve worked hard enough to hit the heavy weights, not to mention those of you who use them for common exercises like shoulder shrugs, you’re out of luck.

Sounds like a counter-petition might be in order … unless you’d rather to sit on the couch and eat some potato chips and develop a nice beer gut so none of us get jealous of your big muscles.

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