Sep 082010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Police are still searching for the man who shot a 21-year-old Broomfield resident in the arm outside of Summit Hall early Wednesday morning.

“This is the first shooting that has occurred on campus, to the best of our knowledge, in more than 20 years,” said Dell Rae Moellenberg, spokeswoman for Colorado State University, in an e-mail.

The victim, who is not a student, said he was approached for drugs around midnight. The crime wasn’t reported until 2:45 a.m. once he was already back in his Broomfield home.

Police believe he has no tie to CSU, and Moellenberg confirmed that the victim did not seek medical attention following the incident.

An official safety alert was released at 4:20 a.m. Wednesday morning following the report. There were no other victims and no fatalities.

The suspect, who has not been named at this time, was last seen running north toward James Court from Summit Hall shortly after midnight. Police have strong leads and are currently interviewing potential witnesses.

Police describe the shooter as a black male wearing a striped light blue flannel shirt with multi-colored stripes and a red-brimmed hat. He is described to be around 5-foot-7-inches and younger than 21 years old.

Josh Borgmann, Summit Hall resident and undeclared freshman, did not hear about the shooting until he was woken up by an emergency text from CSU.

“I feel really safe here,” Borgmann said. Students have been asked to take extra caution while on campus until the suspect is found.

Any information regarding the incident should be immediately reported to CSUPD.

“Be vigilant. If you see anything that looks strange to you, alert police,” said Brad Bohlander, a spokesman for the university, during Wednesday’s press conference.

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