Quell the knee-jerking

Sep 082010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

If the news hasn’t reached you already, which hopefully it has, early Wednesday morning a man was shot outside of Summit Hall.

The victim, a resident of Broomfield and not a student, reported to the police that a gunman in search of drugs approached him.

As most who’ve signed up for the CSU Safety Alerts, students received the university notice as soon as information was ready. Too, campus police have beefed up security on campus and, along with other duties, are investigating.

We wanted to explain this for a couple of reasons. One, CSU is still a safe place. The university acted quickly with its alert system, and the CSU Police Department is on top of the investigation.

This was an isolated incident that, as it looks now, didn’t involve students.

Two, and probably more importantly, caution should be taken in using this incident as a springboard for the concealed carry debate.

Undoubtedly somebody will use this situation to support the gun debate one way or another, and that’s really just comparing apples to oranges.

Caution should be taken, as this seems to have shady circumstances. And more than likely, this incident doesn’t even involve someone who had a concealed-carry permit.

So quell your knee-jerk reactions and take this story for how it is.

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