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Authors: Kendall Greenwood

After numerous complaints about an overcrowded workout area, the new Campus Recreation Center has been revamped once again.

For Sophomore Taylor Bevis and other students who use the gym, the amount of space allotted to the weight room was not big enough.

“We were really excited when (the gym) was opening, but it was pretty much a let down initially,” Bevis said. “It is difficult to get the equipment you want.”

There is a lot less equipment in the weight room than before and the space is a lot smaller, he said. At the old gym, Bevis’ workout would last from one hour to an hour and a half, but in the new gym his workout lasts from an hour and a half to two hours.

“Waiting around is a significant part of that,” he said.

Tamar Stroh, the fitness assistant director of the Rec Center, said a new line of body strengthening equipment was put in last Friday in an attempt to alleviate some of that wait time.

The new machines, called Techno-Gym, hold seven pieces of equipment and each piece is a pure strength work out. The addition is intended to level out the amount of people in the weight room.

Will Karspuck, a senior and recreation supervisor at the gym, noticed the crowdedness of the gym too.

The old gym, Karspuck said, would have nearly 5,000 people coming in and out every day. With the renovations, he said, that number is bound to rise. The Rec Center staff takes the student opinions of the new center into very serious account.

“The students paid for it,” Karspuck said. “If the students want to talk, we want to hear their voices.”

The complaints Stroh and other staff members heard sparked the ordering for the Techno-Gyms. The Rec Center staff’s main concern is the students who use the facility.

“We are trying to accommodate our customers the best we can,” Stroh said, adding that the staff has a strategic plan to add equipment to the facility when funding is available.

The design for the new gym varies greatly from the old gym because, Stroh said, the staff tried to create more intimate environments for what students showed interest in doing.

“(These specific spaces) help develop a greater amount of community because [the people] in them are doing similar things,” Stroh said.

For Karspuck, the new gym has many more opportunities than the old gym and gives students a chance to try different things. The center will offer rock wall courses and has more private and music friendly studios.

Like anything new, the Rec Center staff realizes it may take some time to get the gym “just right.”

Stroh said the Rec Center staff will wait and see how the new equipment helps keep the gym running smoothly and take steps from there to determine what else needs to be altered.

“You know when you move from one kitchen to another and all your stuff just doesn’t fit the same?” Stroh said. “That’s what this is like.”

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