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Authors: Sean Bucher

The creators of a campus-aimed dining deal application for Smartphones were headed to Silicon Valley, but never made it passed the mountains.

Settling in Boulder, Andrea Palwiczek and Chris Vincent created Duck
Duck Deal, a new application for Apple iPhone and Android software
that allows local Fort Collins bars and eateries to post up deals, which will be updated immediately, for any guest to see.

Whether it’s a happy hour, or a one-time only deal, Duck Duck Deal gives Smartphone users access to deals on the go, said Andrea Palwiczek and Chris Vincent, co-founders of Duck Duck Deal.
The app is free.

The duo met at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and, both aspiring entrepreneurs, they soon decided to share ideas and the passion to “create something extraordinary.”

“Our first couple of ideas didn’t pan out,” Palwiczek said.

Duck Duck Deal will help students avoid flipping through the dozens of coupon books or having to call about drink and meal specials like Palwiczek and Vincent remember doing.

“We would be there sitting and wanting to get something for dinner, but there was nothing for phones that could tell me where to get a cheap meal or beer,” she said.

Palwiczek and Vincent were not the only ones who noticed a need for the technology. So with local input from restaurants in Boulder, the duo fine-tuned the application.

Using Ping technology, which allows a user’s phone to send its location to the Duck Duck Deal server, diners can see what is most convenient. The application launched in Boulder earlier this year.

Eric Eads, general manager of Toro Mexican Grill is already starting to see the application’s benefits.

“We get a handful of people that come in daily ready to show us they found the deal. It’s going to have great use for any business that uses it,” Eads said.

Fort Collins restaurants and users just started using the software officially at the end of August, after Fort Collins street team, Andrew McQuade and Bobby Blackstock, completed implantation in Fort Collins.

“The app gives businesses the opportunity to advertise what they want, how they want, in a very easy user-friendly way,” McQuade said.

Although the Duck Duck team plans expansion into other markets –– with Denver being the probable choice –– they hope to build Fort Collins and Boulder participation before going down that road.

“Right now, college students are our main focus; generally we know they’re short on money and open to good ideas and deals,” Palwiczek said.

The hardest part of writing the application was writing the original iPhone code itself, which took more than three months, she said.

Blackberry users will not see the app compatibility for some time but the Duck Duck Deal website is mobile browser friendly and will allow access to most of the same information.

Both forms of the application, as well as more information on restaurants and deals to come, can be found at
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