Yays and Nays

Sep 062010

Yay | to Labor Day weekend. Beers, brats and bright sunshine, what could be better? A Buffaloes beat down? Maybe next year.

Nay | to sunburns. Really sun, must you ruin our weekend with your blistering rays? I mean, you keep us living with your warmth and stuff, but come on.

Yay | to the Tour de Fat festival. Nothing beats a bunch of bike-riding drunks wearing costumes, except maybe Halloween. Or Easter, if your family is really dysfunctional.

Nay | to CSU’s poor showing at the Rocky Mountain Showdown this weekend. At least most Ram fans avoided a deep sunburn, leaving by halftime and all.

Yay | to the Colorado Rockies. The team, which recently swept the San Diego Padres and has won four straight, looks like it’s making a run for the playoffs. Can you say Rocktober?

Nay | to getting arrested. It’s not cool head butting a cop, and it’s not cool to ride your bike drunk. But at least you didn’t get shellacked on regional TV like the Rams, so that’s a plus.

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