Sep 062010
Authors: Rachel Childs

All was quiet in the Mountain West after the CU-Boulder Buffaloes annihilated the Rams.

Rather than taking to the streets in celebration like last year, Ram fans returned to Choice City Saturday night disappointed from the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown at Invesco Field at Mile High but didn’t represent school spirit in the roads.

“We don’t expect problems, and we’re always pleased when they don’t happen,” said Brad Bohlander, spokesman for the university.

Saturday’s festivities were what the university and community usually experience. Misinformation last year led to a large crowd to Laurel Street and College Avenue where students flooded the streets in celebration of the Ram’s victory.

“Last year was the only year that I can remember that happening after the Rocky Mountain Showdown,” Bohlander said in the same statement.

The only other riotous behavior associated with the in-state rivalry game was in 1999 at Mile High Stadium.

Shortly after, Colorado legislation required that schools suspend students for up to one year if they are involved in a riot.

According to a 2004 student survey done by the university, students are not interested in being associated with riots of any kind.

Regular e-mails and messages were sent to students from the university and CSU Police Department asking for responsible celebration and mature behavior before, during and after the game.

Bohlander said last year’s incident was only a reminder of how important those messages are.

“We’ve got great students with great character,” Bohlander said.

A Sunday 7News report found that the largest problem at this year’s Showdown was 91 alcohol related arrests, 80 of which resulted in people taken into custody.

Names of those people have not been revealed and it is uncertain if any are CSU students.

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