Rams football down, not out

Sep 062010

Saturday was surely a sad sight as Ram fans watched our football team put up a measly 3 points against the Buffs, toppling in a 24-3 shamefest.

But as we watched our fans leave by the thousands, some before the fourth quarter, we couldn’t help but wonder: Are our beloved Rams fans walking out on the game or the season?

True, you can only take so many interceptions, blocked field goals and borderline 2nd-degree sunburns before you start weighing your fandom against the physical and mental abuse.

We understand.

But we can’t help but worry that half of those decked in green and gold quit on our Rammies forever.
Wake up, CSU. It’s only the first game.

Yes, it was a big game –– the biggest of the year even. But the fact is our football team still has at least 11 more games this year.

That’s 11 more chances for our seven freshmen starters to grow into their NCAA-sized shoes.

That’s 11 more chances to improve on our rushing game, which collected 49 yards combined in 25 attempts.

That’s 11 more chances to see true freshman quarterback Pete Thomas go bold and throw some long balls for touchdowns.

And that’s 11 more games where our Rams football team needs the support of the student body.

Whether we win two games or 10 this year, our team needs to see those crazy, passionate folks that are willing to endure the good and the bad this season.

And although our Rams flopped against the Buffs, have faith that our team will prevail more times than not this season and that we won’t be disappointed.


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