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Authors: Robyn Scherer

As you know, Saturday is the Cinch Jeans Rocky Mountain Showdown. This historic game has taken place 81 times and is a one of CSU’s greatest rivalry games.

There are several events going on today and tomorrow leading up to the game that you, as a CSU Ram, should participate in.

One thing that you probably don’t know is that today is College Colors day.

“College Colors Day is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the traditions and spirit that make the college experience great by encouraging people across America to wear apparel of their favorite college or university throughout the day,” according to the event’s website.

Started in 2005, this day was created for all colleges and universities as a way to show school pride. I encourage you to participate, but I have a one key point you should keep in mind.

As some of you know, I wrote a column last year about school pride and how frustrating it is to me when students wear gear from other schools on campus. If you go to school here, you are a CSU Ram. Show this off.

You can wear your other gear other places. However, today, you should wear your Green and Gold and show your pride and dedication in this great institution.

There is a Grill the Buffs pep rally that will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Lory Student Center Plaza. You get free buffalo burgers and get a chance to sing the fight song with the marching band.

Saturday, I hope the majority of you will be making your way down to the game, held at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver. Leave early because parking will be hard to find and can be expensive.

My best tip would be to park somewhere like Elitch Gardens theme park or the Pepsi Center, which does cost around $10, and ride the railway into Invesco. Be careful if you park around Invesco because the police will be out and ticketing people who illegally park somewhere. Getting a parking ticket is a pretty big downer.

Make sure to leave enough time to tailgate. Tailgating is a fun way to meet other students, play games and, lets be honest, drink.

But please do not be that idiot. I’ve been to games where there is that idiot who is so drunk that he or she ruins the game for other people. It’s totally fine to drink if you are of age, just don’t get so drunk you puke on the person next to you. I promise, they will get angry.

There are many events going on during the tailgate, such as the opportunity for you to get your picture with Cam the Ram. This is our live mascot and a picture with Cam is something you will cherish later on.

During the game, between the first and second quarter, Cinch Jeans is sponsoring a T-shirt toss, so make sure to get loud. The CSU Ram Handlers as well as the CU Ralphie handlers will be tossing T-shirts to the most enthusiastic fans.

It will be tempting to do your best to upset the CU fans, so I say go for it. Just remember to keep it classy. Although vulgar comments can be fun to say, you have to remember that this is also a family day, and there will be a lot of young Ram fans.

If you can’t make the game in person, make sure to watch it on TV. It will be shown on the Mountain West Sports Network.

Remember last year CSU won the game, which was played at Folsom Field in Boulder, so your support this year can help the Rams to have back-to-back wins.

Cheer loud, make sure you wear your Green and Gold gear and get ready for one of CSU’s best rivalry games. And remember, go Rams!

Robyn Scherer is a graduate student studying integrated resource management. Her column appears Fridays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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