Sep 022010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Thank God the weekend is finally here tomorrow –– or today for those of us disinclined to partake in our Friday classes –– and oh, what a weekend it will be.

For those of you who’ve been too stoned all week to keep on top of what’s going down –– don’t lie, you know who you are –– with Saturday comes both the whimsical Tour de Fat and, even better, the great and terrible annual Rocky Mountain Showdown.

New Belgium’s annual Tour de Fat bike parade takes place Saturday, and it’s a great opportunity for bike riders and beer lovers alike to get together, hop on some bikes and cruise around town in some crazy costumes. There’s not much better than high-quality beer and weird people. So if you’ve got nothing else planned, grab some funky clothes, hop on your seat and pedal away.

But, no matter how much some of us Collegianites love bikes and beer, there’s no better day for Buff haters out there than Showdown day. And oh how we hate those Buffaloes.

Not to mention the Showdown is where the beer flows like wine and the anti-Buff obscenities flow like beer.

As everyone likes to point out –– and we’ll jump on that bandwagon –– make sure you’re not that guy or gal. No one likes that person, and once you sober up, you won’t like being that guy either. Plus, with Monday off due to Labor Day, it’s not a good weekend to spend some time in the pokey.

But fun is fun, and it’s time to grab some friends, a designated driver, your Green and Gold gear and a hellofalot of beer and head to Denver to support your Rams as they beat down those dirty, pretentious hippies.

And remember, we’d all rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother at CU.

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