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Authors: Chase Eckerdt, the director of Student Affairs for ASCSU

The Rocky Mountain Showdown this weekend is what college at CSU is all about. 

For most students, the CSU-CU football game is the most significant athletic event of the year. Period. 

In many respects, this game and this rivalry define our university. 

Almost always, the attention that this game brings to CSU is positive and it almost always does a great service to our university. 

However, from time to time, post game festivities do not paint CSU students or this institution in a positive light. Every so often, a few students cross the line and when that happens, the collective reputation of this university suffers. 

As students we are tired of getting lectured about right and wrong because most of us understand the difference between the two. 

The problem is that inevitably there are some students who either don’t understand the severity of making the wrong choice or just don’t care.

Either way, the Associated Students of CSU feels that it has a duty to inform students of the consequences of their actions. 

We are not trying to lecture you about how to conduct yourselves this weekend, that choice is yours, but we feel that it is important for you to at least understand what can happen should you place yourself in a bad situation. 

The occasional one too many beers mixed with heated rivalry is sure to conjure some borderline situations both at the game and back here in Fort Collins. Many of you are well aware of the highly-publicized involvement of one CSU student in the riots that occurred in Old Town two weeks ago. 

Don’t be that man or that woman. It not only will get you on the bad side of the legal system, but it could cost you your college career.
Involvement in rioting is grounds for expulsion from this university and for good reason. Rioting is dangerous, stupid and it jeopardizes the reputation of every CSU student. 

If you think physical violence or harm to another or property is a part of the game, you are wrong. Most students understand these concepts so make sure you are part of that majority who gets it and not part of the small group who doesn’t. 

Believe us, you do not want to be part of that latter group. 

Also, please just be respectful in general. Don’t pee on cars, trees or other people. It’s not cool, and our neighbors don’t deserve that kind of treatment. 

The game is early, so if you drink, and a lot of you will, pace yourselves because it is an early game and a long night. 

When you do come back to Fort Collins, please take advantage of Ram Ride and other campus resources to get home safely. 

Finally, have fun. This is what college is all about. This weekend is what us Rams live for. There is no better atmosphere and nothing more CSU than being part of this experience. 

I encourage you to all take advantage of it and savor the victory when we beat the living daylights out of CU-Boulder.  
Chase Eckerdt is the director of Community Affairs for the ASCSU. Letters and feedback can be sent to _

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