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Authors: David Martinez

Temple Grandin, a CSU animal sciences professor with high-functioning autism, can now add some Emmy Awards to her list of life accomplishments.

The self-titled made-for-television movie about her life, “Temple Grandin,” won seven of them during this year’s ceremonies.

The movie follows Grandin, played by actress Claire Danes, through her struggles in school and her fight to become a part of a male-dominated cattle industry.

While Grandin herself didn’t act or direct any part of the movie about her, the cast members redirected the spotlight on her during Sunday’s ceremony when she walked up with them to receive their awards.

Grandin has become internationally known for her work in the cattle industry, promoting a humane livestock handling process. Her autism allows her to better understand the fears and discomforts of cattle in a slaughterhouse.

Through her work, the beef and cattle industries have implemented devices such as sweeping curved corrals for animals being led to slaughter.

She has also become a spokeswoman for the autism advocacy movement and has been featured in publications, such as the New York Times and Forbes magazine, for her work.

Bill Wailes, the department head for CSU’s Department of Animal Sciences, said the acclaim and awards for the movie were well deserved.

“She’s very dedicated and passionate about her work, and that’s a good combination,” said Wailes, who has worked with Grandin at CSU for 10 years.

Craig Beyrouty, dean of CSU’s Department of Agricultural Sciences, said each time he’s watched the movie he learns a little bit more about Grandin.

“She epitomizes the overall aspect of the human spirit,” Beyrouty said. “We couldn’t be more pleased.”

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