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Authors: Allison Sylte

Jenna Willis wanted to give women a place to feel comfortable with their morals.

So she started Alpha Delta Chi, a national multi-denominational Christian sorority. Willis, a freshman human development and family studies major, was inspired by her older sister’s involvement in the same sorority at CU-Boulder.

“I always wanted to be part of a sorority, and Christianity is very important to me. Alpha Delta Chi appealed to me because it combined both,” Willis said.

The sorority currently has 13 members.

To find other members, Willis and two advisors from the Boulder chapter, peppered the campus with fliers. Her idea caught the eye of Mandy Achterberg, a senior health and exercise sciences major.

“I wanted a feeling of fellowship that I wasn’t getting from other campus ministries,” Achterberg said.

Alpha Delta Chi has 13 requirements for membership, including active participation in Christian services, a willingness to abstain from sex until marriage, and a ban from smoking and drinking.

The meetings combine the to-do list of a normal sorority meeting –– community events and house activities –– with bible study and devotional practices.

“We’re the only sorority that’s completely Christian-based on campus,” Achterberg said. “We hope to serve as an outreach for Christian women to get involved in a place where their morals are not challenged.”

Alpha Delta Chi is closely involved with their brother fraternity, Alpha Gamma Omega, and intends to hold a spring semester rush.

No philanthropies have been planned as of yet, but Willis said, they will be put underway once the sorority has entirely found its footing on campus.

“Every other sorority at CSU has been very welcoming, and we’re looking forward to getting involved in the Greek community,” said Leanne Garber, a freshman human development major and Alpha Delta Chi member.

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