Aug 302010

Because of the bureaucratic structure of the CSU-Fort Collins campus and university system, and the sometimes controversial and oft complicated issues both entities face, it can take time for new policies to take root.

That’s not the case with CSU’s Lake Street Parking Garage new parking set up.

To look at some past examples, CSU’s new fiscal year starts on July 1. Starting immediately after on July 2 and running through June 31 of the next calendar year, university administrators, faculty and staff spend thousands of cumulative hours balancing the CSU-Fort Collins budget for the next fiscal year.

That means that those same people spend months crunching numbers before making the decision to hike tuition.

On Jan. 15, the CSU System Board of Governors implemented a concealed weapons ban on both the CSU-Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo campuses. After months of controversy and facing a pending lawsuit by gun advocates, the board revoked the ban on May 5.

Though the board’s decision to revoke the ban did not directly correlate with student opinion, it took time because opinions from all stakeholders involved – administration, legislators, students, faculty and staff –– had to be considered.

But sometimes, issues arise on campus that the university is able to respond to quickly. This is the case with the addition of more commuter spots to the Lake Street Parking Garage in response to student demand.

When it was opened in the spring, the Lake Street Parking Garage had 376 commuter parking spaces, 341 faculty and staff parking spots and 155 short-term meter spots.

As of midweek, there should be 105 more spots for students with “Z” permits.

Additionally, a dozen spaces to accommodate motorcyclists were added on the second and third floors, and spots were reserved for individuals with environmentally friendly cars.

For these beneficial and efficient changes, the leaders at Parking Services should be commended.

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