Aug 302010
Authors: Sara Mueller

When I first read Rev. Hare’s letter to the editor, I was enraged. Upon a second reading, I was disgusted. In his letter, Hare made several errors that were offensive to Americans in favor of religious freedom and also this writer, a fellow Christian.

His first misstep was equating the Christian religion with the American nation. Though many of the founding fathers were indeed Christians, they did not set out to create a Christian nation, as evidenced by the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” So, with all due respect to the Reverend, I do not believe the founders thought the idea of religious freedom to be naïve.

Secondly, and perhaps most offensively, the Reverend’s letter generalized all Muslims as religious extremists who have “threatened us” and “pledged to destroy our religion.” I deeply encourage Hare to explore Islam further and subsequently recognize that to say all Muslims are extremists is grossly inaccurate and extremely inappropriate.

In short, all U.S. citizens share the same rights and bear the same responsibilities, among them, religious freedom and tolerance. In this we can begin to build a more perfect nation.

_Sara Mueller
Junior chemistry major_

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