Aug 302010
Authors: Rachel Kadlec

After reading your Letter to the Editor, Reverend H. Hare, I pose the same response you gave to Mr. Bezek. Sir, you just don’t get it. Referring to the “poor Muslims” going to hell because of “allowing” religious freedom makes no sense. In my mind I would hope that God would not have such human emotion as us, for that is what makes him God. Your example of if someone saw a Muslim fall in the road and being saved was interesting, especially when you made it seem like, after the Muslim was saved from impending death, you would feel it prudent to warn him of his “immortal soul” being damned to hell. Is this because you’re “obligated to spread the Good News” or because you feel an undeserved sense of entitlement since you are Christian and the Muslim isn’t?

To make such a sweeping generalization as “The Muslim has threatened us; he is pledged to destroy our religion. He has given up the protections and rights that he had the opportunity to share with us” is flat out wrong. If a Muslim man or woman lives in the United States, I would hope that as a Reverend you would open up your house of worship to them if they wanted to come, as I would hope they would do the same for you. People who are not Christian deserve every right, privilege and comfort as any other God-fearing Christian. I am severely disappointed you are so ignorant to this.

_Rachel Kadlec
Junior social work major_

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