Mr. Bezek doesn’t get it

Aug 292010
Authors: Reverend H. Hare

As a pastor of many years I understand the sentiments of Mr. Bezek, but young man, you just don’t get it.

As Christians, we have an obligation to spread the Good News. Do you really want to allow those poor Muslims to go to hell because you want to allow religious freedom? You have an obligation to try and save their immortal souls. If you saw a Muslim fall in the middle of the road who was about to be run over by a bus, I hope you would rush into the road and save him, and I am sure you would. Well, more so his immortal soul. Do you really want to allow him to suffer for eternity in the name of some naive belief that a few limited years of mortal life are worth more?

I don’t believe in shooting innocent men, but if a man breaks into my house or threatens my family, I will shoot him. The Muslim has threatened us; he is pledged to destroy our religion. He has given up the protections and rights that he had opportunity to share with us.

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