Aug 262010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

So it turns out that students throw parties, throw ping-pong balls, throw snowballs and throw up all over their friends’ floors … but they do not throw riots.

All week, the student body and has been assaulted by community members, old people and engineering students (we can assume any student accusing other students of anything fits into that category) who blame Sunday morning’s Old Town riot on the return of students to CSU.

Yesterday, the Fort Collins Police Services released the list of people who have been charged in connection with the riot and surprise, surprise, but only one of the seven arrested is a student.

Now, FCPS is still sorting through pictures and videos. Charges are pending against nine other individuals, two of whom are CSU students, and the police are working to identify at least six other participants out of the hundreds who took place in the riot.

But the numbers are on our side.

Sure, students had some part in the violence and destruction that went down Sunday morning. But it’s clear that students in no way constituted a majority of those inflicting violence and destruction, nor are they solely responsible for what happened in Old Town.

Students may often be a menace to neighbors and neighborhoods, but to blame all the city’s problems on the student body is ignorant, divisive and, in this case, inaccurate.
Grow up, Fort Collins. Building a vibrant, functional community takes more work than pointing fingers and throwing blame.

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