Smell the reefer, CSU

Aug 252010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, but CSU has fallen way behind our dirty hippy friends over at CU-Boulder in terms of forward thinking on medical pot regulations.

In April, the school decided to waive the requirement that freshmen students must live in the dorms for students who have a legal medical marijuana card. Marijuana, obviously, is still banned in the dorms, but CU-Boulder came to terms with the fact that forcing students who have a legal right to a legal medicine to forgo using that medicine in their homes just wasn’t hip.

CSU needs to follow suit, man.

With the number of medical marijuana cardholders in Fort Collins, the university is going to run into more and more issues with cardholders being forced to move on campus in spite of the dorm requirement, and getting ahead of that problem only makes sense.

Critics will be quick to point out that many cardholders are probably just stoners who want to get on the right side of the law.

And yes, we realize your roommate doesn’t really have chronic pain and that your next door neighbor’s sleep disorders are more imagined than real, but ridiculous or not, Colorado’s medical marijuana laws aren’t going anywhere and some people do have real medical issues they treat with weed.

CSU’s current freshman dorm requirement needs to make exception for medical marijuana cardholders or the university needs to be prepared to deal with a plethora of issues that will result from putting both medical marijuana patients and the university and a bad headspace.

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