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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Tom Farley, a CSU-System Board of Governors member who was battling cancer, died Monday afternoon at age 75.

The governor appoints members of the board under usual circumstances. In the event of a death or resignation of a board member, the other members will choose someone to fill the empty seat and serve through the remainder of Farley’s term, which was slated to end on Dec. 31, 2011.

Whoever wins the 2010 gubernatorial election will choose Farley’s official successor, who could start in the months following the new year.
“Tom was a tireless and dedicated advocate for CSU and had a special passion for CSU-Pueblo,” said Joe Blake, CSU system chancellor, in a written statement. “His efforts in Pueblo helped build a supportive town and gown relationship unmatched in this state.”

The board hasn’t announced a timeline to fill Farley’s chair, said board spokeswoman Michele McKinney. Each member serves four-years and is limited to two terms.

Farley’s ties with the university run back to his nine years of service on the State Board of Agriculture, which served as the overarching committee for more than half of the university’s lifetime. He was also a state representative for Pueblo County and spent time as house minority leader.

“He was a fierce advocate for higher education and was enthusiastic about every cause and every issue he tackled. Combine his passion and commitment with a great sense of humor, and he was just a wonderful person to be around,” said Gov. Bill Ritter, in a written statement.

The board is statutorily required to have two representatives of agriculture production, –– currently BOG chair Patrick McConathy and voting member Scott Johnson –– one representative from Larimer County and one representative from Pueblo County.

Farley was one of two members from Pueblo County, meaning the board will not have to narrow its search to that specification.

“He served the state in invaluable ways and will be deeply missed,” said Ritter, a long-time friend of Farley, in the same statement of condolences.

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