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While not everyone can play sports at the Division I level, students at CSU have the opportunity to compete at a high level through the university’s club sports program.

Club sports at CSU are student-run organizations that provide students with the opportunity to participate in athletics at a high level in a fun atmosphere.

“Club sports are fun and relaxed,” said Andrew Berglund, president of the Alpine Ski Club. “But they’re still very competitive.”

The club sports programs go up against other colleges and universities around the nation, travel and compete for national championships. They give students the opportunity to participate in activities that are more competitive than the intramural programs offered at CSU.

Full-time students are eligible to play club sports and most clubs do not have tryouts with cuts, making them a viable option for many students, according to Director of Club Sports Aaron Harris. Most begin at various times in the fall and continue through the school year.

Student fees fund club sports, their dues, but students are largely responsible for the fundraising and scheduling of their respective sports.

Dues for the clubs range anywhere from $50 to $2,000, depending on the sport.

The high level of play and the atmosphere that surrounds these athletics make them appealing to a wide range of students.

“We have a very competitive program,” said CSU Men’s Hockey Coach Kelly Newton. “You get the opportunity to go to a great school. You can make good buddies on the team.”

CSU club sports come in a variety of flavors. Options range from the Alpine Ski Team, to rodeo, to ultimate Frisbee. More common sports, such as baseball, soccer and volleyball, are also offered.

In total there are 27 sport clubs in which approximately 11,000 students participate.

CSU club sports have had a lot of success, especially recently. CSU won two national championships in the spring of 2010, taking home the crown in women’s lacrosse and baseball. The victory was the baseball teams’ sixth championship in seven years.

In 2009-10, 23 of the 27 teams traveled out of state to compete and regional and national competitions.

The club sports program offers a last chance for many students to compete at a high level.

“They give you an opportunity to continue your sport for the last four years while you still can,” Berglund said. “Not everyone can be a Division I star.”

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