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Aug 032010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It’s that time again.

Random people call asking for campaign donations, fliers plastered with grinning politicians cling to front doors and competing candidates tear each other to pieces via TV and radio advertisements.

It’s election season.

With all of the petty bickering –– between political hopefuls and parties ––, seemingly empty promises and complicated and often convoluted politic speak, it’s not hard to imagine why voters are annoyed with the election process.

What’s hard to imagine is that people don’t suck it up, push through the annoyances and vote.

A week from now, on Aug. 10, voters have the chance to decide which of the current candidates from the democratic, republican and independent tickets have what it takes to get onto the ballot in November.

Only people registered with one of the three parties is able to participate, meaning that participation is significantly decreased –– up to two-thirds — from the general to the primary election.

Though disheartening, this decrease means more for the wavering voter.

Get out there. Change the statistic and make sure that only those candidates worthy of making it to the next level do so.

Primary mail-in ballots were sent out to Larimer County homes July 19 and are due back on: Aug. 10.

Those who want to vote in person have several options across the county including:

– Larimer County Elections; 200 W. Oak St. (5th floor); Fort Collins – Citizens Information Center; 200 W. Oak St. (1st floor); Fort Collins – Loveland Motor Vehicle; 205 E. 6th St.; Loveland – Estes Park Motor Vehicle; 1601 Brodie Ave.; Estes Park

For more information about the election, visit:

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