Jul 202010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Tears and candle wax fell on the CSU Oval Thursday as a 40-person crowd mourned and celebrated the life of deceased 22-year-old CSU alumna Mary Warren.

Warren was killed on July 5 when the car she was riding in was struck on Interstate 25 by a car driving the wrong way. She had graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in May.

Warren’s close friends began the vigil by dropping flowers from Warren’s home on Laporte Avenue to the Oval while riding their bikes to symbolize her dedication to sustainability.

“Mary never drove, she always rode her bike everywhere,” said Dan Sheahan, Warren’s long-time friend and organizer of the vigil.

Sunflowers adorned a table in the middle of the vigil along with Warren’s picture, in which she wore a smile that few could forget.

“The thing I think I’ll miss the most was her smile,” said Carol Dollard, manager for the Facilities Management Department, where Warren was an intern.

She is remembered as an ambitious young woman with great potential. Her love for political science was evident to all ­­­­­­–– some thought Warren, who worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and as an intern at the state Capitol, would be president.

The hour-long vigil gave those closest to Warren a chance to relive the moments they shared with her through stories.

In the end, attendees placed their extinguished candles in a bucket beneath the picture of Warren’s smiling face and said their final goodbyes.

Crime Beat Reporter Rachel Childs can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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