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Editor’s note: Seth Stern was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the CSU System’s ban on concealed weapons on campus. That lawsuit has been dismissed.

I don’t intend for my column this summer to become a repeated update on the concealed carry debate, but the opposition continues providing me with the opportunity.

As you all should know by now, the CSU Board of Governors rescinded the concealed carry ban they put in place after the Colorado Court of Appeals overturned a lower court’s decision, which ruled CU-

Boulder’s similar ban on concealed carry was within their rights.

Be wary. While the CSU BOG made the right decision, the CU Board of Regents has appealed the court’s decision to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Proving how little this debate has to do with facts, Regent Stephen Ludwig told the Denver Post, “The idea of introducing someone with a gun in a dorm room … we know students experiment with sex, drugs, and alcohol, and adding firearms into that mix is a horrifically bad idea. So I continue to support the ban.”

Simply because I have no shortage of loathing for this type of political diatribe, I will respond to Regent Ludwig with all the warmth in my heart when I say, “You sir, are an idiot.”

At no point has concealed carry in the dormitories been discussed; to my knowledge the ban on firearms in the dorms has never even been questioned.

But do you see now the type of argument these alarmists use? They will use an extreme example completely unrelated to the legal questions to attempt to garner support.

Ultimately the larger issue of gun control comes down to one of two schools of thought. The pro-gun control argument, “guns are evil and cause crime.” Juxtaposed to the anti-gun control argument, “guns in the hands of citizens prevent crimes against those citizens.”

I hate to once again use words like liberal, but in this sense that’s the accurate description. You see, CU represents the liberal mindset.

The modern liberal wants equality of result for all persons, and the only logical way to reach this end is to make sure everyone depends on the government for everything. In that way they support socialist ideals. But in our great nation, liberals can only support government programs with the revenues from non-liberal success.

We here at CSU –– in my opinion –– represent a more conservative mindset. Not in the Political Science Department of course, you simply cannot expect to be awarded tenure as a conservative Poli Sci professor, that would be too … fair?

I digress. At CU, there’s a minority of students fighting for the right to concealed carry on campus and they may very well win.

At CSU a majority of students were outraged with when the BOG decided they wanted us to be more like other institutions of higher learning. They wanted us to be more liberal.
If a private citizen, such as a CSU student, wants to protect his or herself without government help, that’s an affront to modern liberalism.

But when a group of people is told they will be left to wait for government assistance should an active shooter enter their classroom in a Columbine or Virginia Tech situation, they either choose to agree or disagree with that premise.

We at CSU disagreed. As we learned from Fum’s Song, “But send him to the ole Aggies, ‘Tis better than Cornell, But rather than in Boulder, I would see my boy in hell!”

Funny, I’m not sure I can tell you the differences that distinguish hell from Boulder. If forced to choose, I’d probably head for Omaha.

This fight for concealed carry will never go away. There are simply too many people who will never trust private citizens, I urge you all to take a few minutes to read the Declaration of Independence, then the Constitution. Then ponder how the Founders would view the concealed carry debate.

Would they rather the people keep and bear arms to protect themselves from tyranny? Or be disarmed by a body of rulers who do not trust them?

Seth Stern is a senior journalism and sociology major. His column will appear periodically throughout the summer. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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