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Authors: Jason Berlinberg

“Predators”, a remake of the popular sci-fi franchise, can be summed up in one word: Awesome.

The film starts off with a bang, with the main character Royce –– a lone wolf mercenary played by Adrien Brody –– caught in freefall with a faulty parachute. Poor bloke.

After a rough landing, Royce finds himself in a non-descript jungle only to discover an interesting lot of characters who have encountered his same fate.

This group boasts six “heavy hitters,” hailing from some of the deadliest organizations on the planet –– a Mexican drug cartel, Yakuza, Spetznaz and Sierra Leone RUF to name a few. There is also a seventh member who doesn’t fit the killer mold of the others, a doctor played by Topher Grace.

The group soon discovers that they are on an alien game reserve, where the tables have turned, and they have become prey to the alien predators.

This movie plays out a lot like a “Saw” film, with the Predators ruthlessly hunting off their victims as if it’s a game. The story is not groundbreaking, but what it lacks in innovation it makes up for in execution.

The film is chalk full of scares, thanks to the predators’ desire for killing and their gritty abandon. Be aware of the gore factor here. Some scenes are very over the top when it comes to the blood and violence.

Acting-wise, Brody and his Batman voice are surprisingly convincing, especially since he has not played a tough guy character like this in any of his previous performances.

Amid a summer filled to the brim with flops, “Predators” is a very fun surprise. While it does not reinvent the sci-fi genre, it succeeds in delivering a solid entry that is perfect to see with a couple of friends.

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