Jul 132010
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

CSU Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk will undergo surgery for prostate cancer later this month after he was first diagnosed in a routine physical 13 months ago.

Doctors determined that he has a “low-grade” form of the cancer, according to a Coloradoan article that ran on July 11.

In Kowalczyk’s first six-month test after diagnosis, his cancer showed no change. But in his second six-month surveillance test, the cancer had grown.

“Generally speaking, it’s still a low-grade cancer, and I’m young enough, and we’ve caught it early enough, that there should not be any problem,” Kowalczyk told the Coloradoan. “You never know, of course, but the prognosis at this point looks good.”

Kowalczyk will have surgery on July 22.

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