May 092010
Authors: Madeline Novey, Michael Kalush

More than a dozen columns and several thousand calories later, it’s finally here: our last food column.

After graduation and one last summer class, Mike’s headed to Spain for an internship and Madeline’s got one more year at CSU. And while it’s not decided yet, the column may make a comeback.

And with the future looming on the edge of our plates, we were looking back at how this whole endeavor evolved. Neither of us knew the other until, one day, Mike shared the sumptuous beauty that was the Spanish tapas scene –– dozens of dishes of meats and seafood shared among groups.

From there, we discovered our shared passion for everything edible –– well, almost everything –– and set out to find most interesting culinary tales in the Choice City.

With that, here’s our last words of foodie wisdom, or whatever you want to call it.

Madeline –– This year has been rough, between classes and long hours at the paper. While stressful as it often was to meet deadline, the food column was a relief, an outlet that harmoniously combined my passions of writing and eating.

Every two weeks –– there are a few exceptions –– Mike and I had the privilege to go out and sit down with fantastic people –– owners, chefs, wait staff. We listened to stories of how their passions came to fruition. We were almost always dissecting an array of dishes, food behind and often in front of our smiles, as we did so.

With this, I leave you with an interesting idea. Saturday night, I watched a special episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” (refer to our December column) called “Food Porn.” The idea’s simple: Humans respond similarly to food and sex ––they get excited.

So the next time you think about getting food, think about what excites you, what you want to eat. Experiment with flavors and combinations and try new things. You never know what reaction you’ll get.

Mike –– Sit down, relax and enjoy your food. If I learned anything important from working here at the Collegian, it’s to take time to relax.

With the stress of life, finals and work there’s no better way to ease the tension than to sit down, at a table, with a buddy and enjoy some decent food. Try not to eat on the go no matter how busy you are, it makes the chaotic lives we live a bit more tolerable.

I guess now is my chance to share with you my little wisdom that I’ve gained over these last few years. Remember to stick to your roots.

The world’s greatest chef/cook is usually only a phone call away, your grandmother. And if you didn’t remember to call them Sunday (Mother’s Day) then call them right now and thank me for reminding you.

Don’t walk into an empty restaurant. The dive spots that usually seem a bit grubby don’t stay in business by poisoning their clients (thanks, Anthony Bourdain).

Experiment, don’t be afraid to eat something you’ve never heard of and don’t be a wimp about it. Go on a date to a tapas-style restaurant, sharing food can be the best way to get to know someone. And most importantly, don’t eat yellow snow now matter how much it looks like a slushy.

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