Apr 282010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

The Campus Feminist Alliance is hosting its 19th annual Take Back the Night event today at 6 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Sculpture Garden to support survivors of sexual assault and speak against sexually violent crimes.

TBTN, a national program founded in 1972, aims to promote awareness and educate citizens about the prevalence of sexual crimes in today’s society in hopes of eventually ending the violence.

“The goal is to raise awareness and be allies to survivors of sexual assault,” said Lara Adamson, president of CFA. “The only way to work towards the end is for the entire community to be aware of it and understand what the feelings are behind it.”

The event will start with an open microphone to anyone who wishes to speak out about sexual violence, including survivors. Anyone who has been affected by sexual assault is encouraged to attend and participate.

“Take Back the Night gives a safe space by allowing women to share their stories and experiences,” said Rebecca Preston, a slam poet brought in by CFA to perform.

Participants will then march to Old Town Square, where keynote speaker Roe Bubar will speak about indigenous women and how sexual assault affects their communities. Preston will also perform a skit on male violence in the square.
“It is so incredibly important that there are venues that are created that contest male violence,” Bubar said.

The night will end with participants marching back to campus for a performance by RamNation, a Native American drum group and a candlelight vigil. This is the first year a vigil has been held and CFA hopes that it will foster an environment of support for those affected by sexual assault.

The event has grown in recent years, this year marking the first march back to campus, and will continue to grow, Adamson said.

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