Apr 212010

It’s been nearly six years since the release of Tyler Hilton’s last album, “The Tracks of Tyler Hilton,” but with the release of his “Ladies and Gentleman EP,” Tyler Hilton shows that sometimes what you need to produce well-crafted songs is time.

“Sunset Blvd.” is a perfect example of just how lyrically smooth Hilton is, with lines like, “I’m a hopeful songwriter and she’s a model slash actress.” Such lyrics give his music a playful and honest feeling. The song is poppy enough to get new listeners to pay attention and just understated enough to remain under the radar on mainstream appreciation. 

A somewhat romantic track, “I Believe In You” has a bit of an inspirational tone to it.  The driving drumbeat on the track couples well with the subtle instruments throughout the verses and builds appropriately into the cinematic-like choruses. 

Aside from writing songs about falling in love, giving his music more of an Elvis Presley feel, Hilton proves he can write about more than just pretty girls. On “This World Will Turn Your Way,” fantastically arranged strings are coupled with a modern rock feel, which sounds similar to something U2 might have recorded. 

Though it’s only five songs deep, the EP offers a great glimpse of where Tyler Hilton might be taking the direction of his music.  

For being a prominent name in the Indie scene, Hilton might be well on his way to solidifying himself as a household name in the music industry soon. 

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