Letter to the Editor

Apr 202010

Amen, Josh Phillips. I 100 percent agree with everything you said in your, “Descent into the age of entitlement” article. Too many times, I run into situations where the younger generations have the “you owe me” attitude.

All the things you mentioned about education are driving good, down-to-earth teachers out of our educational systems.

My wife spent five years here at CSU getting her degree in English, has taught within a Colorado school district for 10 years and is a fourth generation teacher. All the changes within public education and more pressure being put on the teachers through the “no fail” grading system are causing these teachers to abandon education.

They are being asked to spend more time with students that don’t care whether they pass or fail instead of concentrating on the ones that want to learn and better themselves.

Our public education system is in a sad state of affairs. More parents are relying on teachers to teach their children morals and responsibilities when it should be the parents teaching these ideals.

Thank you for a wonderful read and hopefully more people feel the same as you and I and will start to make a change.

Scott Bauer
2002 Alum

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