Apr 142010
Authors: Ian Mahan

Forget the “Saturday Night Fever” and the bell-bottom pants. How about a little more of an indie touch and some skinny jeans with those catchy dance beats?

Look no further.

Denver-based Kamtin Mohager, or more commonly known as The Chain Gang Of 1974, strongly bursts onto the local music scene with his recent full-length album, “White Guts,” which will be released worldwide April 27.

The opening track on the album, “STOP!,” finds Mohager combining elements of folk with a beat and orchestral arrangement that would make the Talking Heads jealous. The song is more of an anthem than anything else, but has an extremely catchy opening track to keep listeners intrigued.

“Hold On” is the most techno-inspired song on the album, but it’s hard to ignore the creativity that Mohager uses to paint an almost space-like odyssey with the melody.

On “F’n Head” Mohager commands listeners in an almost trance-like way to, “Just bob your f***ing head.” And to tell the complete truth, it’s hard not to do exactly that when listening to the song.

Overall, “White Guts” is a solid album from start to finish, and Mohager does a masterful job of making the tracks blend to the point where it’s easy to get a little lost in the music.

With head bobbing and dance beats coupled with catchy lyrics and intricate bass, The Chain Gang Of 1974 makes it easy to see why Denver is slowly becoming the next music Mecca in the United States.

Music reviewer Ian Mahan can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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