Apr 122010
Authors: Ryan Sheine

At 17,000 feet in white-out blizzard conditions on Apoloca Glacier in Mexico, Rodney Ley used a wilderness survival technique called back-bearing to guide himself, and four students tied to him by 60 meters of rope, to safety.

Through his preparedness and experience, Ley, assistant director for outdoor programs at CSU, knew that in extremely low visibility conditions he could use a compass to point him in the right direction, and the student tied to him at the end of the 60-meter rope could tell him if he was deviating even slightly from the straight line.

Today at 4 p.m. in Academic Village, Honors Room B111, the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement is hosting a wilderness survival course to give students tools for surviving the wilderness in winter.

The course offers a short introduction to winter survival techniques and will train students about the essential tools for winter survival and how to help rescuers locate them, should someone get lost, Ley said.

The course will also cover food, water, shelter, signaling, and tips on how to navigate the Colorado wilderness.

Molly Center, a senior natural resource recreation and tourism major, said she thinks it is an important course for students who plan on being outdoors.
“In the event that someone gets lost or hurt, it’s nice to have someone there with some training,” Center said.

Ley emphasized the point of students needing to learn to adequately prepare. He repeated the need for all outdoor adventurists to prepare extra food, water and clothing, to always have a way to make a fire and to always bring a knife, a map, a compass and a flashlight.

“It’s important for students to learn wilderness survival techniques because of the confidence it will give them,” Ley said. “They may forget the skills, but they won’t forget the sense of control they will have in a situation.”

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The Course
What: Tools for surviving the wilderness in the winter
When: Today, 4 p.m.
Where: Academic Village, Honors Room B111

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