Apr 122010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It might be funny if it hadn’t cost so much damn money.

Sunday night’s $100,000 Spring Concert featured a couple mediocre bands and a quarter filled Moby Arena, courtesy of our friends at the Association for Student Activity Programming.

According to its own numbers, only about 2,200 people –– about a quarter of Moby’s total capacity –– attended the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Pepper show, and ASAP had the audacity to tell students that number is about what they hoped to see.

Many CSU students may have been born at night, but they weren’t born last night.

Last year’s homecoming concert with Lupe Fiasco and Three-Six Mafia drew intense criticism for its low attendance numbers — numbers totaling about 7,500 or three times the number of people that showed up on Sunday.

Oh, but it gets worse.

After blowing $100,000 on a show that virtually no one went to see and acting as if that same show was a success, ASAP marched into Monday’s Student Fee Review Board meeting and asked for a fee increase of $2 per student per semester on top of the $7.46 they already get each semester.

Thankfully, the board had the sense to reject the proposed increase, but the fact that the organization so frequently under fire for wasting student money on poorly planned and attended events even had the gall to even ask for an increase is incredible.

The people at ASAP are surely hardworking individuals, but hard work doesn’t make up for incompetence, especially when that incompetence pulls money out of student wallets, burns it and rubs it in their faces.

The joke is still on students, but nobody is laughing.

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