Layoffs: Sad but necessary

Apr 112010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Once again, CSU is being forced to lay people off, most likely to the chagrin of those being fired (or moved to less expensive positions, as is the case with many of them).

The university said in a press release to news organizations Friday that it could no longer provide the same employment opportunities it previously did for about 50 people.

Layoffs are a seemingly never-ending problem CSU has dealt with over the course of this economic downturn, and it is operating with a much thinner staff than most of its peer universities. And as Provost Rick Miranda said in the press release, it’s gonna hurt us.

But, dear readers, remember this is yet another example of financial setbacks in the sea of administrative woes that are being felt at institutions of higher education across the state.

As stated in the announcement, CSU has cut mainly from administrative and maintenance operations that do not directly affect the flow of information from teacher to student, indicating a commitment to academics that was not as strong several years ago.

There will be no cuts in tenure or tenure-track faculty.

And while there are many legitimate ways to criticize President Tony Frank’s mode of operations (as there are for any person in a position of power), please keep it in mind that he and his staff have one of the most difficult jobs in the state: keeping CSU afloat.

Colorado’s constitution is riddled with financial operating conundrums that make it nearly impossible for the state to guarantee funding for colleges and universities. As a result, our leaders are forced to make these difficult decisions.

Be thankful the university is not cutting teachers and hiking tuition in higher increments than it has in the past.

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