Apr 082010
Authors: Madeline Novey

Talking about fulfilling their campaign promises and heading an organization that serves as the voice of CSU students, newly elected President and Vice President Cooper Anderson and Jennifer Babos appear serious and composed.

But under the surface, they’re the same as every other student. They laugh, joke and tell random stories about squirrels eating sandwiches on the Oval.

Q: Age, year and major
Anderson: 21, junior, business, agricultural sciences
Babos: 19, junior, liberal arts major

Q: Reason for coming to CSU
Anderson: As a third-generation CSU student on both his mother and father’s side of the family, it was only right to continue his education in the College of Agricultural Sciences.
Babos: “I came to CSU mainly because when I stepped on this campus, it felt right. People smiled. People were happy.”

Q: Role model
Anderson: Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and John Adams. “They are all strong leaders with values that exemplify why America is such a great country.”
Babos: My mom. “She helped me to realize that you can make a difference and can do this regardless of your job title.”

Q: Club associations
Anderson: Alpha Gamma Rho agricultural fraternity, ASCSU
Babos: The Victim’s Assistance Team, The Student Alliance for Gender Education, the Campus Feminist Alliance, Liberal Arts College Council, Interpersonal Violence Task Force, ASCSU

Q: Favorite movie
Anderson: “Gran Torino”
Babos: “What Happens in Vegas,” “The AristoCats” and “Up”

Q: Favorite music
Anderson: “Not to be stereotypical, but country. George Strait is still the king of country.”
Babos: “I’m in love with the Fray.”

Q: Hobbies
Anderson: Baseball, golf, reading politics and staying informed to be an educated citizen
Babos: Long-distance running, hiking, painting, mixing random foods and yoga

Q: Mantra
Anderson: “If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind, whom should we serve?” – John Adams
Babos: Kitartás: Hungarian for perseverance. “We must have the courage to be happy.” – Henri Frederic
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