Apr 072010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

After a Fort Collins resident was arrested last month for stealing about $40,000 worth of personal items and electronics from campus offices and classrooms CSU, police chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt said it is the responsibility of all campus community members to lock the doors.

That message was the same one the university expressed three years ago after a rash of burglaries left campus without thousands of dollars in equipment and other items.

After the Collegian published an investigation that examined unlocked doors throughout campus buildings, Facilities Management employees started taking notes on which doors in the building were unlocked, hoping that it would encourage staff to emphasize security.

“I want to emphasize that it is every individual on campus who is responsible for locking doors and offices,” Rich-Goldschmidt said in an e-mail message this week. “If an employee unlocks his or her office, it is his or her responsibility to lock it when leaving, just as it is each individual’s responsibility to lock their home when they leave.”

CSU is in the process of installing an electronic keycard system on the doors of buildings around campus. In the meantime, officials maintain that security is a community project, not just CSUPD’s responsibility.

“Efforts to address crime cannot start and stop with one department or individual,” Rich-Goldschmidt said. “It is important that all faculty, staff and students assist by ensuring doors and windows are secure when leaving the building.”

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