Apr 072010

While this one was one of the hardest fought and most intense student body elections in recent memory, it’s now time to focus on the difficult part: the issues.

The Collegian Editorial Board would like to congratulate Cooper Anderson and Jennifer Babos, who were chosen by the student body as the top student officers at CSU and wish them good luck as they transition into these difficult but rewarding positions.

The pair’s campaign promises included: ending 7 a.m. finals for all students, enhancing sexual assault education, increasing the number of cars used by RamRide, promoting school spirit, re-evaluating CSU’s grading system and working with Colorado lawmakers to solve the higher education funding crisis.

We hope that Anderson and Babos will work hard to accomplish their promises to students, and at the same time improve transparency in their organization while pushing for increased transparency from CSU’s administrators.

When it comes to issues such as gun control and increasing student fees, the administration may want one to do one thing, while CSU students want another. Deciding whose desires are more important will be a difficult task, but we hope that they will strike a balance and work hard to represent student opinions.

And with Colorado’s higher education in crisis, ASCSU will need to continue to garner student support and voice our opinion at the Capitol.

Congratulations Cooper and Jennifer, you’ve made it to the top.

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