Yays and Nays

Apr 052010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the CSU lacrosse team beating down CU-Boulder last weekend. By this point it’s almost sad that the Buffs keep losing to the Rams … almost.

Nay | to paying taxes. Yeah they keep our roads in shape. Yeah they ensure public officials, like firefighters and police, get paid. But we’re on a budget, and that six-pack won’t pay for itself.

Yay | to Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. Finally all is right in the universe. How could you not love a bunch of grown men playing a child’s game for a living?

Nay | to student government elections on the whole. Between vague platforms and dookie slinging, the presidential/vice presidential elections have lost their true meaning: serving as a campus-wide popularity contest.

Yay | to journalism. It’s the first rough draft of history. Without it there would be no checks on power. Also, without journalism we wouldn’t have Glenn Beck to show our children what not to be.

Nay | to school busyness. Of course when the sun starts to come out, the demon-teachers shell out loads of homework. Boo.

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