Apr 022010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Student government presidential candidates David Ambrose and April Ragland were taken out of the race after the elections committee determined they didn’t pay the full price for mailing campaign literature to residence halls.

The committee reasoned that because no other candidates could access free mailing through a student organization5 Ambrose and Ragland should pay “fair market value” for 4,500 fliers sent, totaling $1,260 or 28 cents per flyer.

The team’s donation and expense report, filed just hours before their expulsion, put the team’s spending at about $1,700 . After the additional fee was assessed the campaigns spending, which is limited to $2,000 by the official elections code, was nearly $3,000.

The elections code outlines that any campaign guilty of exceeding the spending limit will be removed from the ballot.

Paul Wade, who represented the team during the hearing, confirmed Ambrose and Ragland intend to file an appeal against the elections committees decision.

The duo went through Beta Theta Phi, Ambrose’s fraternity, to access a list of the names and addresses of all on campus residents and send out handbills explaining their platform.

During last weeks committee meeting the team was assessed a $50 fine for allegedly violating residence hall guidelines regarding the distribution of platform handouts.

Emily Malin, clerk for the committee, motioned to revisit the complaint against Ambrose and Ragland’s pamphlet distribution to residence halls after meeting with the CSU Registrars Office on the topic.

“I legitimately think this is fair, they went around the system and they did not do the legwork on this,” Malin said, adding that if the committee were to let it Ambrose and Ragland “skirt the rules” it would reflect poorly on The Associated Students of CSU.

During discussion and debate Ragland explained that she and Ambrose were unaware of the complex rules and regulations about mailing to residence halls.

“If we knew all that we know now we wouldn’t have done things this way,” she said, adding that they didn’t know other campaigns couldn’t access the information.

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