Mar 292010
Authors: Johnny Hart

In an e-mail obtained by the Collegian, the large-scale game of tag, Humans vs. Zombies, has been suspended until further notice.

The e-mail from the student organization HvZ at CSU reads:

“There will be no gameplay on campus until we have heard back from the Leiutenant of the CSUPD. If you see anyone playing please inform them that they must comply so we can get this matter settled and not face the potential of the game being permanently banned from the CSU campus.”

HvZ at CSU President Sam Lewis said the CSU Police Department had contacted him midday Monday unaware of the game.

“It basically breaks down to a lack of communication,” Lewis said, adding that normally he would contact CSUPD about the game in order to prepare faculty and staff but had forgotten.

“I have really high hopes that we can get it resolved within the day,” Lewis said.

Lewis didn’t know of the timeframe when the game would return but said getting the “wheels going again” would be difficult.
“I’m worried that getting it started again will be more of a chore,” he said.

As for worried participants, the HvZ e-mail reassured that “Any Zombies having starved during this period will have their timers reset when gameplay resumes … ”

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